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I mean it when I say that I nerd out over finding the perfect highlighter or notebook... Anyone else?! Get inside my brain and take a peek at my favorite books, office supplies, organization & productivity hacks! And check out what I'm currently listening to and watching.

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I read a lot of books centered around professional and personal development. check out my amazon storefront to see my favorite book recommendations!

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Having a well-organized and aesthetically pleasing environment to work in has tremendous impact that is often under-valued. Check out my Amazon storefront to see my favorite office supplies - perfect for setting up your WFH space just right! 

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Looking for the best productivity hacks around? Check out my Amazon storefront to see my secrets for setting myself up for a productive day!

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pardis parker: I'm tired of a
people telling me to "grind"



the happiness lab: how to identify your negative emotions


café bossa

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